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Obsolete Integrated Circuits and
Semiconductors are our Specialty!

What is an integrated circuit?

Integrated Circuit (IC) is another name for a small electronic device (chip) made out of a semiconductor material. A material is a semiconductor if it is possible to reversibly vary the material's conductivity at a given temperature over several orders of magnitude using chemical or electrical means.

An integrated circuit is basically a collection of transistors and electrical circuits all built onto a single crystal. Today's integrated circuits are no more than a centimeter long, and they can carry millions of microscopic transistors. Integrated circuits are used for a variety of devices, including audio/video equipment, automobiles, military equipment, robotics and medical equipment, and all computers have integrated circuits inside. Today, silicon micro chips can even be inserted under the skin of almost any animal, including cats, dogs, horses, reptiles, birds and small mammals, to store its owner's contact information.

Integrated circuits are often classified by the number of transistors and other electronic components they contain:

  • SSI (small-scale integration): Up to 100 electronic components per chip
  • MSI (medium-scale integration): From 100 to 3,000 electronic components per chip
  • LSI (large-scale integration): From 3,000 to 100,000 electronic components per chip
  • VLSI (very large-scale integration): From 100,000 to 1,000,000 electronic components per chip
  • ULSI (ultra large-scale integration): More than 1 million electronic components per chip

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How do integrated circuits become obsolete?

The technology behind integrated circuits is advancing so rapidly, that it changes on an almost daily basis. As a matter of fact, this year more than half a billion transistors will be manufactured every second! Just take a look at the home computer. It is estimated by experts that by the year 2005, one computer will become obsolete for every new one put on the market.

With semiconductor science and technology moving at this pace, it is no wonder that integrated circuits quickly become obsolete. Once an integrated circuit has become obsolete or hard to find, repairing a less modern device can become difficult. This is where Danrock can help!

Danrock, Inc., offers competitive pricing on thousands of obsolete and hard to find integrated circuits and semiconductors. Though concentrating heavily on Motorola Semiconductor Products, Analog Devices, Lucent Technologies, STMicroelectronics, and Standard Microsystems Components (SMC), our computerized tracking system affords us instant access to 1.5 million electrical components. This is in addition to the millions of parts already stocked in our warehouse and ready for immediate shipping.

Just to name a few, we carry obsolete integrated circuits from:

  • AMD
  • AT&T
  • Fairchild
  • Harris
  • Intel
  • MMI
  • Motorola
  • National Semi
  • RCA
  • SGS
  • Signetics
  • Silicon General
  • Standard Microsystems (SMC)
  • Texas Instruments

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